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Industrial Steel Building for Warehouse
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Industrial steel building for warehouse has independent design and production.Withover 10 years of combined experience in the steel building industry, we knowwhat it takes to make our customers happy. Our steel warehouse is the best and Our service is the most satisfactory. Our products had been exported to more than thirty countries. Steelstructure building is made from welding H section steel as column and beam,painting or galvanized C section steel as wall purlin and roof purlin, some ofthem has crane beam, it’s made from H steel beam too. Its wall and roof are made of metal steel sheet or sandwichpanel. The door is electric shutter door or flat open door. Window is pvc oraluminum window. Withthe extensive use of steel structure,its advantages are increasinglysignificant compared with traditional building. The advantages of steel structure buildings 1.Steel buildings are long lasting. They are stronger and more durable than wood framed buildings, being rot, fire and termite resistant. 2.They are Low-Maintenance. Steel Buildings are easier to maintain andclean than structures made of wood or brick. 3.Need your building quickly? Steel buildings offer fast construction andassembly. 4.They are cheaper and more reliable than other traditionalbuildings. 5.They are easy to expand being built with futureexpansion in mind. If more space isneeded, metal walls and framework built into each steel building are simple toremove for easy additions to an existing steel building. 6.They are energy efficient. With a properly insulatedmetal building you can save money on heating and cooling costs. The details of steel structurebuildings 1 The sturdy foundation is strong support of the powerful house. Fora large steel structure workshop, the stability of the foundation is thetop priority. Technical department of our company will be specificallydesigned high-performance stable foundations for the workshop you need.Engineers design basis and foundation plans diagram. Conventional foundation construction process is as follows. 2 Column is welded H-beam or national standard H-beam. Leung iswelded H-beam. We will design security model columns and beams which meetautomatic traction requirements of the structure according to localclimatic conditions and the specific requirements. Construction workerserect beams that have bolted with the help of cranes. And people waiting on thesteel column can use bolts and nuts to connect the column and beam. 3 Our factory own production of various types of C-beam is used asroof purlins and wall purlins of the steel structure warehouse. On the roof,C-beam bolts is fixed on purlin pallet of the beam with bolts. Its function isa fixed roof panels. On the wall, C-beam bolts is fixed on purlin pallet of thesteel column with bolts. Its function is a fixed wall panels. Purlin Pitch isusually placed at about 1.5 m. This design not only meet safe requirements, butalso maximize the cost reduction 4 Rock wool composite panelsand glass cotton composite panels connect each other in hidden overlapping. Lap joints will have a bent piece to buckle which playedwaterproof and tightness. Wall panels are based on the pluggable whoseinstallation is quick and easy. 5 The Door is Sliding sandwichpanel door or metal door. The window is PVC or aluminum window. Or othermaterial windows and doors you want. You can be assured. We have a long-termcollaboration supplier .The doors and windows we supply are all high quality. 6 Production period is 25-45days after receipt of advance payment. We will provide installation drawings,installation video. If necessary, we will have dedicated staffs and engineersto the scene to guide the installation. Steel structure warehouse can be usedin storehouses, food processing plants, manufacturing plants, auto 4S shops,etc. It can be divided into whether with skylights, whether with cranes. 7 Our company has always beenexported from Tianjin Port. Loading and unloading of our products areconvenient. There are two packages in 1*40’HQ container. Each package has twostrong rails and four wheels. You can use crane in the destination, two peoplecan discharge whole products within half an hour. Anddefinitely won't destroy packaging. 8 We have a professional team to dothe inspection . The goods will be shipped, so must be high quality. The maintenance of steel corrosion: Remove rust, times paint. Weldmaintenance: repair welding or remove heavy welding. Bolt maintenance:fastening or replace news
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